Friday, March 09, 2007

Randomness and Sushi

Good afternoon my darlings,

I took a lot of pictures today. First I went outside in the early morning light and took pictures of things around the hotel that caught my eye. Flowers, the enormous tree in front of the hotel, the waterfall and fish in the courtyard.

Here's a photo of the pool and the courtyard from the fifth floor.

After I took some pictures at the hotel, I walked to a little Greek cafe at the Third Street Promenade to have breakfast. I snapped a couple of pictures of interesting things along the way.

This is the restaurant where I ate my breakfast.

Then we went to the final Pre-Production meeting, a big meeting with everybody who is involved with shooting the TV commercial. I liked the green walls in the bathroom.

After the big meeting we went to a sushi restaurant for lunch. I had a seaweed salad and a vegetarian roll and vegetable tempura. But we started with some edamame.

This is Junior Ortiz, our client at AARP, and Nelson Cabrera, the director of our commercial at the sushi restaurant.

After lunch I walked back to the hotel and tried to call you guys. I guess you're on the internet because you didn't pick up and neither did the answering machine. I will try to call later.

I walked out to the waterfall in the courtyard to get some more pictures of turtles. This morning, it was cooler outside so they stayed in the water. By this afternoon, it had warmed up so the turtles climbed onto their rocks to enjoy the sun.

And this is another picture of me. I'm standing in the bathroom in front of my shower curtain.

That's all for right now. I love you guys so much it makes me want to burst.



Lily Hoyle said...


The flowers are pretty and Mama. Turtles, turtles, turtles. Lalalalalala.

I love you!

From: Lily

noah hoyle said...

Dear Daddy,

I liked the statue of the flowers. I liked the real flowers best of all. I liked the big tree. I like big things. I liked the pool because I like to swim and I like my green bathingsuit. That's why I'm called Captain Green Shorts.


Jamin said...

Lily, The flowers ARE pretty and SO IS YOUR MAMA! AND SO ARE YOU! I knew that you would like the pictures of turtles. I made sure I got some good ones for you.

Noah, You ARE Captain Green Shorts and I love Captain Green Shorts! I am looking forward to going swimming with you this summer.

I love you guys sooooooo much! I miss you terribly.

You are my babies. Be good and take care of your mama and grandma and Dino for me.