Monday, November 17, 2008

Jacob Marley Knocker for A Christmas Carol


JFM said...

Could I possibly borrow a 100px copy, with attribution, of your Marley knocker for the teaser for A Christmas Carol posted on my site ( Nice drawing BTW.


Jamin Hoyle said...

Sure thing, Jere.

I appreciate it.


Johnathan Schofield said...

I love this drawing! The school I attend, Northland International University, put on the play "A Christmas Carol" and I have been selected to design cast t-shirts.

I was wondering if I may use this drawing for the back of the t-shirt above the cast list.

BJ said...

Love the illustration. Could I use it as part of an audiobook cover? I have a weekly podcast that has 13000 listeners. I could put an ad in it for your website, work, etc. as a trade out for use of the design. The podcast is The Classic Tales Podcast, you can find it at the iTunes music store. It has over 500 five star reviews. I usually charge $200 for such an ad. What do you say?

Anonymous said...

As other visitors have requested, I would like to use this awesome image for a holiday homebrew label. It's exactly the style I was looking for. Thanks,