Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Lovely Corpse: A Crowd-Sourced Twitter Novella

Apologies and gratitude to Terry Taylor who had the brilliant idea of writing an entire novel on Twitter ( Since I'm neither as clever nor as talented as that, I thought it would be fun to crowd-source a short story/novella on Twitter (I'm also rather lazy – a whole novel is beyond my attention span).

Here's how it works. I've started the story here:

You contribute the next bit. Whatever that is. A full sentence. Half a sentence. Three short sentences. Whatever 131 characters allows (140 char. minus #lvlycrps hash tag). I'll pick the best contribution and add it to the novella's feed, including your RT attribution.

I'll try to update the story three times a day. Around 9-10EST, around 5-6EST and around 10-11EST. Times are approximate because I am flaky.

1. You must have a Twitter account to contribute. Sorry, Luddites.
2. You must include the hash tag #lvlycrps.
3. You must leave enough space for RT attribution. This means enough space for your user name plus RT plus a space plus @. So if your username is branwellington, you only have 123 characters.

One last note. The story's title, The Lovely Corpse, is a nod to an old surrealist game called the Exquisite Corpse (

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