Monday, September 28, 2009


I've started posting links to artists, designers and illustrators I like on Facebook and Twitter. I'll do the same here. This’ll catch us up. And you can always follow me on Twitter if you like: Enjoy.

I have 145 bookmarks in a folder labeled ARTISTS. Here’s the first one. Fine line-work and naïve surrealism.

ARTISTS: João Ruas is taking over the Fables covers from James Jean. FWIW, I like his drawing better than Jean’s.

ARTISTS: Jonathan Viner paints moody allegories rooted in realism. Man, I hope he doesn’t remember me from RISD.

ARTISTS: Wednesday Kirwan paints adorable, little mythological monstrosities. It’s weird. But cool.

ARTISTS: Lucong paints lovely, tense, intimate portraits with a delicate clarity and muted palette. Beautiful.

ARTISTS: Dan James, AKA Ghostshrimp. Hard lines, flat colors, complex structures, unique vision.

ARTISTS: You may have seen Sam Weber on the cover of the CA Illo Annual last year. Hs sht s tght.

ARTISTS: Another famous one. Carson Ellis’ beautiful ink drawings are featured on Decemberists’ records. The cover of The Tain and Billy Liar are both so beautiful and have such range.

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