Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Drowsy Chaperone Process Shots


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James Gowan said...

Love the WIP shots you have here! Especially the one with the coffee cup, pencils and yard stick (actually I love them all.) As I said, earlier, it shows the view that this started humbly.

You've filled the poster to the brim with art yet, it's not too cluttered. I like how the mere perspective of walls (and the album case on the right wall) help to point to the title.

Thanks to CGI and 3D modeling everywhere (not): people are so quick to simply glance at drawings and other finished posters and be on their way. I remember the hours I would spend (as a jr/sr high schooler), pouring over Bway designs,... marveling at all of the choices made for each of them. It is a shame that visually, I believe this world has become so jaded.

I hope the playgoers of the Little Theater of Norfolk really appreciate the work you put into your posters.