Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Beach and the Hotel and the Farmer's Market

Hi everybody,

This morning I went out for breakfast. Santa Monica sits on top of a tall cliff that looks down on the beach. There is a narrow park across the street from our hotel that is the very edge of the cliff. I walked over there to take some pictures first.

Here is a picture of the park across the street from the side portico of the hotel. The railing you can see is the edge of the cliff.

Here are some pictures of the beach from the park.

Here is a picture of our hotel from the narrow park on top of the cliff. I'm not actually staying in this part of the hotel, but you get the idea.

I stumbled on a Farmer's Market on my way to the Broadway Deli where I ate my breakfast.

The Broadway Deli is in a little strip of stores and restaurants called the Third Street Promenade. They have dinosaurs. Spoooty!

Well, that's the news from Santa Monicabegon. Off to Hollywood this afternoon.

Love you guys,

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