Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Casting Callbacks

Good morning your time, good evening my time,

This afternoon we spent a long time in casting callbacks. A casting director shot film of a lot of actors and actresses auditioning for our tv commercial last week. Jim and the director and several other folks looked at the film and chose who they wanted to see again in callbacks. We sat in a room while one person after another came in and read the script aloud, first in Spanish and then in English. We picked our favorite people and -- pending client's approval tomorrow -- they will be in our tv spot next week.

I don't have a lot of pictures this time. Just a couple of the folks in the casting room. And one shot from the drive to the casting session. This is driving towards Hollywood. If you look carefully, you can just make out a small white smudge on the side of the mountain above the antenna and just to the right of the tall palm tree in the middle. That small white smudge is the famous Hollywood sign. W00T!

This is Donna Shoch-Spana, our freelance broadcast producer. She used to work at Eisner with me.

This is my boss Jim on the left, Jose from Communicad on the right and the director, Nelson Cabrera, in the middle.

This is a picture of me with the director, Nelson. We're making funny faces.

Jim, Donna and I ate dinner in a very nice Mexican restaurant after driving back to Santa Monica on Sunset Boulevard, down the Sunset Strip, through Beverly Hills and Bel Air. I'm sorry to report that I did not see the Fresh Prince.

Love you guys,

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